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nurturing needles
Good Samaritans Among Us
Ok, no more brooding and crying over Kurt Cobain's suicide note. What was WRONG with me yesterday? Kurt is finally at peace--I KNOW that, so why was I so miserable yesterday? Instead, I need to focus on the here and now--and the GOOD! Especially the good Samaritans on 266 Cummings street. I never got their name, but now I'm convinced that there still are good and decent (and properly cautious) folks in this screwed-up world.I think I'll send them a "thank you" card with a prayer inside. I'd give them money if I had a dollar left to my name right now, but that's another story in another book. And I bet THAT is the real reason I was so depressed yesterday.

Slim and beauty
Familiar with the spring easily-lose
-weight tips

The metabolism in spring revives and this is a very good opportunity to lose weight. Then what good method can quickly reach the slimming purpose? Here introduce you several weight loss methods to help mobilize the enthusiasm of all the body quickly, greet the spring with the sexy beautiful body and achieve the slimming purpose. Black Coffee aids slimming The black Coffee is relatively low in calories, and contains a material which can promote fat decomposition, so it is very good slimming beverage. Drinking a cup of black Coffee in half an hour before a meal or so can effectively increase satiety, playing the role of controlling food intake. And black coffee ingredients can also help us to solve the problem of constipation. Supplement nutrition for breakfast Our body after a night of rest, enough energy to supplement need this morning, so that it can maintain the normal operation of the The new supersedes the old. Contains a lot of calcium and protein in eggs and milk products,... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, January 28, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, Reuters continues to lead the western pack in providing real news from Iraq, Ayad Allawi notes Baghdad has no plan to address the crises in the country, the VA continues to struggle to answer basic questions from the Congress, and much more. Starting in the United States and starting with some basic questions about the VA. "How many veterans are being seen? What are they being seen for?". Very basic questions. Fundamental, you could argue, to understanding what quality of care the VA is delivering. But as the Congressional Budget Office's Matthew Goldberg explained to the House VA Subcommittee on Health this morning, in response to Chair Dan Benishek, these basic questions remain unanswered by VA year after year. And while much has been made (here at this site and elsewhere) about VA and DoD's computers still being unable to link up and 'talk'... (more)

There was a specific improve inside of your special visual appearance of tiff...
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Moon and Sun
Pieces of Peace
Sometimes, when my mind won't quit, When I'm a chaotic mess of Thought and Emotion, I go here For the quiet. Her stitches speak a language I can understand. The images create a space I can relax into. Someday, I hope to own a piece of her cloth. I want to hold it in my hands. Maybe the texture will hold me as well as the thoughts. Comfort, in cloth. Spirit Cloth

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